Me, obviously. Here you can see my new hair, What do you think? Most of you wanted me to dye my hair dark-brown so i did. Hoho!

Emil and Jonathan

Joachim, Nadine, Her boyfriend Daniel and Marcus!

Lina, Oscar, Vanessa and Eleni on the floor, haha♥

There was a couple of live-bands playing and i saw Compadre from the front row with Jonathan, they were great! you should check them out.

Angelica, somefunnyguy, Marcus.

You could see me with a beer in my hand running around and mingle someone told me. Haha.

Rasmus, Emelie and Anton - Have anyone seen misfits? Juust sayin'

Over all it was a great night with great people.


Great song and video from Blood orange. Tonight im going to drink some wine with Eleni and her friends at Bongo. I will try to take some pictures to show you tomorrow!


some wierd-looking picture of me.

Hey guys! I dyed my hair dark-brown the other day and cut almost everything of. Still got the same haircut though. Just shorter. Kind of regret it, guess its just new and feels weird.

But whats up with you, you don't comment as much as you used to do. Not that i blame you I don't write that much anymore. My inspiration comes with your comments, silly but true. Im going to try to be better at this, I enjoy doing this so i dont know why its so hard, I just been having alot on my mind lately. well um, kiss on the cheek and talk to you later!