Hey guys! In my previous post i asked you to leave a comment if you or someone you know of had a blog I might be interested in. I got surprised how awesome you are. You're all so handsome and talented! I toatally got some new blogs to put on my list to read.

By the way, I'm thinking of dying my hair black or very very dark brown, any ideas?

Laterz Pies and bees!


I miss walking around at the streets of Berlin, checking out the secondhand stores, Drinking beer at biergarten, talking about where and when we should go out that night. Right now I'm bored out in Jönköping. If Ive got some reader from Berlin, could i come live with you? haha.

By the way, do you have or know of someone else who have a cool blog, let me know!

Picture of me from my trip to Berlin in may this year. The best trip I've ever made!